About Us

Laila co-founded Indigo Brave in 1996, with the mission of bringing cutting edge ‘change modalities’ to the widest audience possible, believing that these life changing opportunities should be available to all. 


In the face of all expectations, they started by achieving measurable changes in behaviour within groups of vulnerable young people and people with long term mental health histories and then going on to working with esteemed leaders, CEO’s and Team Leadership groups within large corporations

Offering a ground-breaking mix of neuroscience,  practical exercises from theatre/arts, emotional intelligence and lessons learned from our own unique experiences Indigo Brave have been at the forefront of culture transformation within individuals and corporations for over 20 years. 

 Our clients have included many Blue chip Companies and we still provide regular work for Rolls-Royce apprentices and leaders and Lubrizol as well as SMEs across England and Europe and third sector organisations such as Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Foundation.  

Indigo Brave Group ltd is a triple bottom line organisation, measuring ourselves on our ability to grow healthy profit, people and planet.  We have won a National Award for our Innovative Education and a MIND Millennium award.

Our Social Enterprise business continues our ethos by providing this innovative and transformational training to community projects and groups of vulnerable people who may otherwise not have access to this work.  For more information on our projects and how you can be a part of it visit our IBSE page.