Welcome to Indigo Brave

We facilitate your people's growth and success so that you can create the organisational goals you want to see.  

We are an award winning powerhouse of development, vision and inspiration.  We have been driving growth and changing lives for 23 years and we look forward to creating a totally unique experience and transformational learning experience for you.

Cultural Alignment

Are you a top leader wanting a high performance culture, developing increased Innovation, Accountability, Empowerment and Trust? 

Our Cultural Alignment programmes can deliver great bottom line improvement through leveraging you greatest asset ; your people.

Quantum Success for Women Execs Leadership Training

Are you a woman exec who could benefit from our highly successful online programme?


Quantum Success for Women Execs is a brand new Learning Platform for Women who wish to go further in their career without compromising their home/family life or their health.


Using principles from quantum physics, and the latest neuroscience research, QSWE could be exactly the tool to take you as far as you want to go, whilst maintaining your life balance.