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About Indigo Brave Education

Indigo Brave have been working in schools to support pupils, staff and senior leadership teams since 1996 and now coordinate our own education sector work through our SELF for Schools programme.  Our specialisms include pupils at risk of exclusion and INSET training for teachers in behaviour and classroom management.

We are passionate about the importance and value of Excellence in Education and have delivered our training in over 500 schools across the UK as well as an Education programme in Romania and in the University sector (Derby, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Manchester).  We have also been awarded the Pam Sheridan National Award for Innovative Education and spoken at Education conferences in the UK and Poland.

Indigo Brave’s SELF for Schools (Sustainable, Empowering, Learning for the Future) programme has been running since 2015, to support educators and pupils in the essential skills of developing SELF, including Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social health and wellbeing. The SELF Programme ranges from workshops for pupils,  to teacher Insets and NQT training, to ALT training and Coaching, as well as residential programmes for at risk young people; The SELF Camps.

Our Team -  Deb Haddon, Education Lead

Deb joined the Indigo Brave team as Education Lead in 2016 following an extensive career in Primary teaching and eventually as an Assistant Head Teacher in some of the most challenging inner-city areas of Leicester and Nottingham. Deb specialised in mentoring for NVQs and INSET training in Relationship Based classroom management.
After 28 years in the industry she was encouraged to apply for Headships when she began experiencing personal health issues and knew many of her colleagues were too.  Her leadership skills were much in demand but she had begun to question the Education System, whether it is supportive enough of teachers and whether it is really teaching the right things for young people to reach their potential to create a fulfilling, sustainable future.
Deb left teaching to focus on her personal well-being and find answers to these questions.  This quest brought her a full recovery from her health challenges and a myriad of health and well being tools including meditation, mindfulness and becoming an Advanced Practitioner in EFT,  as well as a Well Being consultant in Essential Oils and Reiki. Deb continues to run her own Well Being practise.
Since joining Indigo Brave Deb has written a sought-after curriculum for Primary Education and continues to be passionate about bringing her extensive experience and knowledge back into the education system to support teachers in a healthy and successful career.

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