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The SELF Camps

S.E.L.F: Sustainable, Evolving, Learning for the Future, is a 3 day, camping experience program with continued support taking vulnerable teenage girls and boys on a transformational journey of self-discovery. 

Bullying, low self-worth, body image issues, self-harming, problems at home, anxiety, learning and attainment difficulties are all mental health issues which have been highlighted, by the government, with some alarming statistics and the long-term effects on life.

Our 3 day program aims to:

  • to support those at risk of exclusion from school by addressing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that are barriers to learning 

  • to provide them with tools to navigate the challenges through the teenage years and the transition from child to adult.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Building self-worth, self-esteem and confidence

  • Increase in acceptance of self and others as they are

  • Deeper understanding of own emotions and what may have triggered them

  • Enhancement of valuable life skills such as communication, personal responsibility, teamwork and resourcefulness

  • Tools and techniques to manage challenging situations more effectively

"Since the camp several of our young women have made marked changes. Some of their new skills are tolerance, patience, forgiveness, resilience, communication, understanding their strengths, strengthening and forging friendships, increased self-worth and self-esteem."

-Djanogly School 2018

The evaluation process demonstrates that 58% of girls moved from a place of low well-being before the project to medium level well-being afterwards, whilst 42% of the girls moved from a place of medium level well-being to a place of high-level well-being after the intervention. 

Contact Joanna-olivia Eadwardsly at for more information on on how to book a place on SELF Camp! PLEASE SEE OUR DEDICATED WEBSITE HERE

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