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SELF for Schools

Our Ethos

To establish and embed a healthy and empowering culture within schools, promoting physical, social, mental and emotional health through increased awareness of SELF. 


  • developing manager’s ability to manage.

  • giving teachers greater effectiveness and impact.

  • increasing pupils’ love of learning and equip them with the very best start in life. 

Our mission is to support schools to educate and empower both teachers/staff and young people providing them with the knowledge and understanding of what can impact their health and well-being on every level.  

We believe that creating resilient, responsible and emotionally aware educators promotes healthy achievement in the broadest sense in young people, allowing each individual to feel nurtured so that they can reach their unique potential and  become valuable members of their communities.  

We believe in each young person's right to learn how to be their best, so they can bring their awareness, confidence and leadership to contribute to creating and sustaining a healthier, happier and more productive society


“It was incredibly interesting to learn through the practical demonstrations how my thoughts and how I’m feeling can impact the outcomes of situations. It’s made me realise that what I think and what I say can really improve the outcomes of a task or situation”

“I will be using what I have learnt about thoughts, not being able to change the first but choosing the second thought. And I will be using this to impact on my life in school and my own wellbeing”

“I can utilise some of these techniques to have a positive impact on the teams I work with and the teams I lead on”

“Very inspirational session, the presenters were both informative and engaging”

“There are lots of benefits using these techniques both for our own wellbeing and also in the classroom”

“I enjoyed the activities as they helped energise me after a very busy half term”

For more information about this bespoke program for your school please contact Joanna-olivia Eadwardsly at

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