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SELF for Schools Teacher Training

We provide 3 fantastic training programs for teachers and NQT’s within your school in a range of formats to suit your training style! Each program offers unique learning opportunities which can be delivered in an informal staff meeting, over 1-2 hours or a more in depth ½ or full day training.  

Programme for trainee teachers and NQTs that provides a foundation for managing the classroom environment and, in particular trauma-based behaviour. 
We explore self-awareness and an understanding of our own 'triggers', look at how to develop positive, respectful relationships and effective self-management (responding to challenge rather than reacting). We also support with identifying learning styles to meet the needs of all pupils, resilience and tools to support all of the above for sustainability and to maintain a high level of teaching through effective classroom management, opportunities for mentoring support are also included.

Programme for all teaching staff (including TAs and NQTs) that focuses on the well-being of the individual. 
“How to put on your own oxygen mask first to ensure your pupils get what they need” – a tried and tested cohesive system for not only surviving but thriving in your first year and beyond.
We explore the importance of well-being on every level including emotional intelligence. We also provide manageable, practical tools and exercises to maintain an effective level of personal well-being, ways to develop relationships through clear communication, practical solutions to managing the pressures of the job and a deeper understanding of how our thoughts can impact our emotions and behaviours. Opportunities for coaching and peer support are also included.

Programme for all teaching staff in secondary education. 
This training is based on the work we have facilitated with teenage girls over the last 4 years and provides trainees with a deeper understanding of the pressures faced by teenagers today; body image, peer pressure, social media, exam stress, anxiety and how this may present in the school setting. We focus on self-worth including emotions and related triggers, enhancement of valuable life-skills and include tools for self-regulation.


Contact Joanna-olivia Eadwardsly at for more information on how this could look for your school team!

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