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Your Culture

Of course you are perfecting your company’s strategy, ensuring it drives your direction, growth, sales and profit, but is this enough?  But is the dominant CULTURE of your business helping or hindering your strategy?
“Culture will eat strategy for breakfast”  Peter Drucker.


and your Culture is what happens in your business every day - it is NOT what it SAYS it does.
Aligning your culture to your strategy results in:

  • Higher Employee Engagement

  • Increased Effectiveness of Board and Senior Leadership Teams

  • Clarity of Vision and Mission

  • Values Driven Behaviours within the whole company

All of which contributes significantly to your bottom line.  
In fact 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009).
The Culture of your organisation can and should be a positive force for driving the results you want to see year on year.  It should be a cohesive system, stronger than the sum of its parts, contributing to whatever your bottom line targets are.   
It means you have Visionary Leaders,
an Inspired Senior Leadership Team, 
Pro-Active Managers and 
an engaged workforce,
All of whom are aligned and are consistently displaying High Performance Team behaviours such as effective communication, responsibility, accountability and focus on results.
How much ROI can your business reap from a re-alignment of its Culture?  
Get in touch with us below to learn more about how Indigo Brave can help with the development of High Performance Culture Behaviours, or even a full Cultural Transformation Programme!  
We have been supporting Cultural Alignment in Organisations for 16 years, working with Global Business, Blue Chips, SMEs and Third Sectors. With a large network of partners, coaches/facilitators, OD experts and strategists, no project is too large or too small - we look forward to listening to your challenges and supporting you to maximise your biggest asset -
your people and the culture they create.

For all enquiries please contact us via:

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