About Indigo Brave

Indigo Brave Group Ltd is a triple bottom line organisation, measuring themselves on their ability to grow healthy profit, people and planet.

Their business is to facilitate growth transformation and success so that together we can create a more sustainable, joyful and profitable world.

Social Enterprise

Indigo Brave's social enterprise business supports their belief that transformational change modalities should be available to everyone.


Indigo Brave believe that to create a more sustainable, joyful and profitable world that every person should be armed with the tools of Resilience, Vulnerability, Accountability, Collaboration and so many more.

Quantum Success for Women Execs Leadership Training

Quantum Success for Women Execs is a brand new Learning Platform for Women who wish to go further in their career without compromising their home/family life or their health.


Using principles from quantum physics, and the latest neuroscience research, QSWE could be exactly the tool to take you as far as you want to go, whilst maintaining your life balance.