Welcome to Indigo Brave

Indigo Brave Group is an award winning powerhouse facilitating growth transformation and success so that together we can create a more sustainable, joyful and profitable world and has been providing vision and inspiration since its beginnings in 1996! 

Are you a CEO or Senior Business Leader wanting more growth and success for your organisation?

Our high performance culture programmes deliver exceptional results through increased Innovation, Accountability, Employee Engagement and faster more profitable business through increased Trust, Resilience and Communication.  


We all know that Culture will eat Strategy for Breakfast and our bespoke Cultural Alignment programmes deliver bottom line improvement through leveraging you greatest asset; your people. 


Or perhaps you are an Executive, looking to take the next steps in your Leadership. 

Our Coaching programme will match you with the right coach to support you to fulfil your potential and make your dreams a reality.  


If you are a Woman Exec get in touch with us about our brand new programme Quantum Success for Women Execs. Released in 2019, this is an online learning platform with community support offering state of the art coaching techniques to women looking to take the next step without sacrificing their health or home life.


Indigo Brave Group Ltd is a triple bottom line organisation, measuring ourselves on our ability to grow healthy profit, people and planet and we have been driving this learning and development and changing lives for 23 years.  

We look forward to creating a totally bespoke programme and transformational learning experience for you.

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