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The Indigo Brave Team

Deb joined Indigo Brave in 2016 and now holds the position of Education Lead and Facilitator.  She has been an educator, trainer and team leader for over 25 years as a Primary Educator and Assistant Head.

A supportive and intuitive wellbeing practitioner and coach, Deb specialises in advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is a member of the global organisation, EFT and Mindfulness Centre, and listed on the EFT Register.  Deb is particularly skilled at creating individualised programmes, combining EFT with other healing modalities, to support positive transformation in individuals and groups. 

Deb’s philosophy of education is that each individual finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through self-exploration, inspiration and creativity. 


Joanna- Olivia Eadwardsly has worked with Indigo Brave since 2010 and now holds the Apprentice Program Lead position as well as facilitating and coaching across all areas of the business. 

A successful business owner herself, Joanna has over 20 years experience in health informatics and corporate management teams and is passionate about transformation on every level for personal and team success. 

Joanna is a practitioner of multiple healing and transformative techniques including EFT and she graduated from Byron Katie’s The School for The Work in 2013. She has a background as a fitness leader for England Athletics and qualified in the health initiative with the Fit for Life UK project.

Joanna believes in helping you become the best version of yourself in each and every moment.

Paul has been a management consultant, coach, educator, facilitator and trainer for over 20 years working across the world with private, public and voluntary organisations for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CapGemini and IBM.

He co-leads IBM's Global Coaching Community of Practice and serves as an Executive Coach in IBM's Professional Coaching Service. He has taught and coached leaders individually and in groups in 15 countries up to and including C-Level Executives.

Paul is an accredited professional member of the ANLP and Certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner. He has qualified as a certified Energist and has certifications in contemporary psychotherapy and the EMDR based, BLAST Technique. He is a member of the Association For Coaching.

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